Monthly Archives: March 2015

Grizzly Flats, California Clients Receives IRS Settlement

Our IRS tax relief team announces another successful IRS settlement. Our Grizzly Flats, California clients just received noticed that their $51,000 income tax debt has been settled for a grand total of $7017. The $7017 Offer in Compromise settlement will be paid in 5 monthly installments.


Murrieta California IRS Settlement – Our Team Does It Again

Our client Teri, from Murrieta, California just received word that IRS settlement has been accepted. Our expert IRS tax relief team put together an Offer in Compromise package that the IRS accepted. Teri settled her $24,000 income tax debt for a grand total of $400. That’s right! $400 which will be paid in 4 monthly installments of $100 per month. That’s what we call a “Fresh Start.” Congratulations to Teri and we thank her for having put her faith in us.