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Addison, Alabama IRS Settlement

Congratulations to our client Rheagan W. from Addison, Alabama. Rheagan’s mom originally called us because Rheagan was embarassed and afraid to call us. Rheagan had been a truck driver who leased her truck. With the business downturn, Rheagan lost the truck and found herself with a $17,000 income tax debt. She needed 1 tax year filed. She also had a visit from the Revenue Officer assigned to case. Needless to say, she was in trouble. Our client, Rheagan, could only find work at a daycare center. Our team of professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. went to work. Today, our client has settled her $17,000 income tax debt for a total of $250. She received the Fresh Start that she desperately needed. Our team came through again.

This is what our client had to say:

“Praise God! I thank him everyday for leading me to call you that day and you will never know what a burden you have taken from our shoulders! Thank You is just not enough! You are making a difference in people’s lives and I am forever grateful.”

Happy, mature woman with a pretty smile giving a thumbs up

Successful Protest by our Team of IRS Tax Professionals

Our client, Robert W. of Miami, Florida, came to Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. because the IRS was coming after him for a 2009 income tax debt. We are announcing today’s “GREAT NEWS.” The IRS has finally accepted the protest we filed back in May 2015 for his 2009 federal income tax return.  The 2009 tax balance of $31,539.00 has been reduced to $1,821.11. Our team of income tax relief professionals got the job done, as we always do. That’s the way we do things.

IRS Settlement in Glendale, California

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.’s team of IRS Tax Relief Specialists have done it again. We are announcing that our client Jimmy B., of the San Fernando Valley, California, has received an IRS Settlement. Jimmy’s Offer in Compromise settlement is $250 on $44,000 Income Tax Debt. Our team of income tax professionals stopped an IRS levy on his Social Security ($1527 per month) and got him a Fresh Start. Jimmy can live his senior days in peace and income tax debt free. GREAT NEWS