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IRS Settlement – Durham NC

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our team of IRS tax relief professionals negotiated another successful Offer in Compromise settlement. Our clients, Alfred and Veronica Ray from Durham, NC have settled their $17,000 income tax debt for $2500. Our team did a fabulous job and our clients received the Fresh Start they deserve.

Who will be receiving a successful IRS settlement? It could be you.GREAT NEWS

Client Testimonial – Dallas Texas

I LUV you guys!!!
Thank you so much!
After my initial consultation with Dave, I did an exhaustive due diligence, contacting companies featured in ConsumerAffairs Best Tax Relief for 2016 and 10TopTenReviews 2016 Best Tax Debt Relief Services).  Not only did they not list their “flat fees” like you do, and for the reasons you stated on your website, but their quoted prices would have caused me even further economic hardship.  Also, every one of these naysayers claimed that is was impossible to have the levy released before my 02/05/2016 paycheck, plus cautioned me to be weary of any company that claimed they could.
After much prayer, I decided to listen to “that quiet voice” and go with your service.  I’m so relieved and elated that I chose wisely!  
If this is an indicator of the quality and speed of work you do, I am truly blessed and will gladly recommend you to friends, associates, and future clients. 
Now, with your assistance, I will have a “fresh start” and will from hence forth be able to “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” (Mark 12:17) 
Best wishes and continued success!