Affordable IRS Tax Relief

The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides valuable IRS tax relief help at very affordable fees. We know that our clients have several problems:

  1. They have a serous tax problem and have the IRS “breathing down their neck”. Our clients usually are facing an IRS wage garnishment which will leave them with little to no money to live on.
  2. Our clients don’t have a lot of money to work with. If our clients could pay their past due IRS tax debt, they wouldn’t need protection by our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys.

That’s why our IRS tax relief firm came up with our unique way of financing tax relief work. Low, affordable tax relief fees paid over months. Our tax relief team has been helping clients resolve their tax debts for a long time. Resolving IRS problems, as they say, “it’s not our first rodeo”.

Our work consists of the following:

a. Stopping an IRS wage garnishment. Once our tax relief firm gets involved, it usually takes our Tax Lawyers one day to secure the IRS garnishment release. Should a taxpayer have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to their case, it will probably take a little longer as the Revenue Officer will want a financial disclosure, pay stubs, bank statements, etc.

b. Prepare unfiled tax returns. Many times, our clients have years of missing, unfiled tax returns. Our experienced team can challenge a Substitute for Return (SFR) that the IRS created so that a tax debt can be collected. Our IRS Tax Attorneys will replace the Substitute for Returns with real tax returns. By doing this, we can dramatically reduce and eliminate failure to file penalties.

c. Currently not Collectible. If you owe less than $10,000, which is the minimum for an Offer in Compromise, then our tax resolution team can have a client placed into Currently not Collectible status. If you have little monthly income but have equity in a home, we can place you in Currently not Collectible status. That means that the IRS will leave you alone. If you have a refund, the IRS will keep it and apply it to your tax debt. The Statute of Limitations will be running and your tax debt could drop off completely.

d. Offer in Compromise. The IRS has a settlement agreement called an Offer in Compromise. This is a complete tax settlement. Our IRS Tax Attorneys have had many clients that have settled their tax debt for $100 to $500 (total). An Offer in Compromise is the ultimate, optimum tax relief program.

e. IRS Penalty Abatements. Our IRS Tax Lawyers can have the tax penalties that have been added to your tax debt, abated.


Yes, our tax relief team can help you with innocent Spouse, Installment Agreements, tax liens, payroll tax problems, but the bulk of our tax relief work is written above. Those are the problems that most people have.