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If you are struggling with tax debt in North Carolina and you owe back income taxes to the IRS or need IRS tax relief it is only common sense to hire experienced IRS Tax Attorneys who know “the IRS system.” The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will resolve your current IRS tax debt problem.

If you are looking for an IRS tax debt settlement or an IRS payment plan, call Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. today. During our free and confidential consultation, we will discuss an affordable IRS payment solution as well as a possible tax settlement with the IRS based on your legibility. Our IRS income tax relief team will get you an IRS payment plan that is suitable to your ability or inability to pay the IRS.

If you are looking an IRS settlement with the IRS for less, you should consider an IRS Offer in Compromise. During your free and confidential consultation, we will walk you through our pre-qualifier. Our IRS tax relief firm will know during our conversation with you whether or not an IRS income tax settlement is available to you. If you are qualified and eligible for an IRS Offer in Compromise, you can settle with the IRS for”pennies on the dollar.”

If you are missing income tax returns and you are presently not compliant, our tax return department will reconstruct your tax returns. You cannot settle with the IRS unless you are compliant. You cannot enter into an IRS payment plan unless you are compliant.

If you do not file your tax returns, the IRS will create a tax debt by use of a “Substitute for Return.” A Substitute for Return, or SFR, is not a tax return. It is a mechanism the IRS uses to create a tax debt. The IRS will pile on the penalties and interest. The IRS will place you in the highest tax bracket and voila, you have an inflated tax debt. The IRS can then enforce collection.

The Emergency IRS Wage Levy Release Team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can have an IRS Wage Levy stopped within hours. If you do not have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case, our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys can restore your paycheck in a very short period of time. If you do have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to you, you have a more serious IRS problem and the IRS Revenue Officer will present more hoops to jump through, but, the IRS levy can still be released.

IRS Offer in Compromise
Offer in Compromise Settlements

North Carolina taxpayers, contact Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. and let us discuss your options and what IRS solutions are available to you.

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