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Fayetteville, North Carolina IRS Settlement – Offer in Compromise

The very best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. announces that our client, Andre S. of Fayetteville, North Carolina has settled his $36,000 IRS debt for a total of $500 through the IRS Offer in Compromise program. Andre called us and had major IRS problems. He needed his 2013 tax return prepared and filed. His ex-wife was taking half of his military pension and he was facing a $36,000 income tax debt. Our team of tax professionals went to work. We got Andre compliant and then put his Offer in Compromise package together. Today, Andre no longer has an IRS income tax debt. He has the fresh start he deserves, thanks to the very best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service.

Crowley, Texas IRS Settlement – IRS Accepted $250 on a $46,000 Tax Debt

Our IRS tax professionals have been on fire. The very best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. announces an IRS settlement. Our client, Neshyra H. from Crowley, Texas has had her $250 Offer in Compromise accepted by the IRS. Our client owed the IRS $46,000. Now she owes nothing thanks to the very best IRS help team. This is the kind of work we do everyday for every client.

IRS Settlement – Owed $236,000 – IRS Settled for $5000 – Texas Client

The very best IRS help team is doing their thing again. The IRS professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. received word that our clients Roland and Laura from Dripping Springs, Texas have settled their IRS income tax debt of $236,000 for a grand total of $5,000. Roland and Laura had to come to us after having had a very bad experience with a company called J. K. Harris. Needless to say, they needed immediate help. The best IRS help team went to work immediately. Today we are proud to announce their settlement. Great jobs is what the best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. does everyday.

Happy Modesto, California Client – IRS and Calif. Tax Settlements

The best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., congratulates our client, Linda B. of Modesto, California on her two (2 ) income tax settlements. Our team of tax professionals were able to settle Linda’s $31,000 IRS income tax debt for $100. That’s right, the IRS accepted her $100 Offer in Compromise settlement on a tax debt of $31,000. The great news does not end with that bit of news. The best IRS help team also convinced the California Franchise Tax Board to write off the $27,000 Linda owed for State of California income tax. Now, that is a job well done. That is what we do everyday.

Idaho IRS Settlement – More Great News

“Happy days are here again.”

Once again, our IRS tax relief team happily announces another successful IRS settlement. Our client, John W. from Idaho, settled his $62,000 income tax debt for a mere $500.



We could not be happier for John and his wife. When John called us for his free and confidential consultation, he told us of a previous bad experience with a Tax Attorney. John had paid someone $8,000 and had nothing to show for his money.

John made the decision to trust our experienced IRS tax help team. We all went to work on John’s behalf immediately and today is the day that John W. from Idaho has his Fresh Start.

You can read John’s testimonial ¬†on this website as well as on our Better Business Bureau ¬†record.

Once gain, congratulations to John and may God Bless him.