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IRS tax problems can easily happen.  The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can help you resolve your IRS tax problems such as delinquent tax problems, tax disputes, and IRS back taxes. Our IRS tax relief team are fully experienced in providing effective tax solutions and representation for reducing tax debt, negotiating IRS payments and removing and releasing IRS garnishments. As a nationally trusted IRS tax problem resolution firm, we have years of experience with resolving IRS tax problems. With a commitment to finding a fair resolution to your IRS problems, our IRS Tax Attorneys can assist with any of the following services below:

Owing Back Taxes

It is not difficult to create an IRS tax problem and to fall behind in what you owe the IRS for back taxes. However, it is important to understand the chain of events that begin when you fall behind. Any unpaid balance to the IRS is subject to the interest that will compound daily and to a monthly late payment penalty. When large amounts of tax debt have been owed for several years it is possible that the penalties may equal or exceed the actual amount of taxes owed.

The IRS may consider monies owed for the following reasons:

  • You filed your returns but did not pay in full the amount owed.
  • You filed your returns but the IRS has reason to believe that you under-reported the amount owing.
  • You have not filed your tax returns and so the IRS or files a “Substitute for Return” for you, assuming the amount earned without any of the deductions that you may be legally entitled to.
  • You have gained valuable assets that you have not reported.
  • As an employer, you collected payroll taxes (also known as trust fund taxes) from your employees but failed to forward these sums to the IRS.

IRS enforcement threats and actions, Federal Tax Liens, worrisome wage garnishments, bank levies or federal tax liens–these are the things of nightmares. Individuals who face IRS tax problems tell us that they have trouble sleeping at night, they are stressed, they feel helpless.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys can help. We have the experience, knowledge, and skill necessary to deal with the IRS so that you don’t have to feel under constant threat of harassment and potential loss.

IRS Tax Problems: Missing Tax Returns

Our Tax relief team will review all of your tax resolution options to file your back taxes and delinquent tax returns – all in an effort to minimize IRS penalties and tax debt. Once your back taxes are filed and compliant, we will review your tax settlement options through the Offer in Compromise program.

IRS Tax problems: IRS Federal Tax Liens and IRS Levies

If the IRS currently has a federal tax lien or a tax levy on your business or personal property, our IRS Tax Attorneys will help settle your tax debt in an affordable and timely manner to prevent any seizure of your assets.

IRS Tax Problems: IRS Wage Garnishment

An IRS wage garnishment can have serious implications on your finances and job. Our IRS Tax Attorneys can stop an IRS wage garnishment in as little as one day. Our tax relief team will prepare your missing tax returns and compile a financial statement so that you can become IRS compliant and put an end to your paycheck seizure.

IRS Tax Problems: Your Tax Settlement Options

  • Offer in Compromise (Settle your tax debt for an amount less than what you currently owe)
  • Installment agreement (Distribute tax debt in an installment payment plan)
  • Currently not Collectible (Removes your case active IRS enforcement. The IRS will leave you alone)
  • Penalty and interest reduction (Removal of IRS penalties through an IRS penalty abatement)

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Tax Problems

If you are here, it’s likely that you have some kind of income tax problem. The IRS will take certain enforcement actions if a taxpayer has a lingering tax debt and has not made a clear resolution to pay back their tax debt. Some IRS tax debt problems are simple and can be handled with a quick Google search and phone call to the IRS, while other tax problems may require some professional IRS income tax help.

Here at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., we have the best IRS help team that can help you resolve a wide range of tax problems. Whether the IRS is enforcing collections through IRS tax liens, bank levies or wage garnishments, our experienced team of tax professionals will work with you and the IRS to resolve your tax problem. Our teams of IRS professionals are led by an IRS Tax Attorney who you work with directly. Our team is here to help you with an IRS tax levy, income tax penalties and interest, unfiled taxes and IRS settlements.

Income tax problems can be a huge burden to taxpayers and may even land them in jail but fear not Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is here to defend and protect.

Income Tax Solutions

Every IRS tax problem has a tax solution. Some income tax problems are simple and others may be complex. However, a lingering IRS tax debt is not a liability you want to contend on your own and is not one that can be ignored or excused. Once you’ve identified your income tax problem, you must consider which tax solution will resolve your tax debt while affording you the lowest possible financial impact.

IRS back tax debt problems usually come unexpectedly and you’ll be expected to pay your tax debt in one payment. Most of the time, taxpayers notified of these back taxes may not be able to afford to repay the tax debt all at once. Fortunately, we can help you with a tax resolution. There are different IRS payment plans available and we will work with you to determine which tax solution is best for you.

An IRS settlement through the Offer in Compromise program is offered to taxpayers who are in a financial bind and cannot afford to pay their tax debt in its entirety. An Offer in Compromise is a great option for taxpayers to reduce and eliminate their tax debt. There are certain eligibility requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for this IRS settlement plan and we can go over that when you call us for your free and confidential consultation. Our IRS tax attorneys are here to help you determine your financial eligibility for the Offer in Compromise plan and negotiate with the IRS to get you closer to resolving your tax debt.

Another IRS payment plan that can help resolve your IRS tax debt is an IRS Installment Agreement. An IRS installment plan allows taxpayers with an income tax debt to pay back their debt over an extended period of time. This can be extremely helpful for taxpayers who cannot afford to pay off their tax debt in one fell swoop. There are various types of installment agreement plans that taxpayers can be approved for. We can help you get approved for an IRS installment agreement that works effectively with your financial situation.

Whether it’s an Offer in Compromise plan, IRS installment agreement plan or placing you into Currently Not Collectible status, our team of tax professionals will work with you to determine a tax solution that will work with your unique tax debt issue and your ability to pay it back.

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect tax solution to your tax problem.

IRS Tax Attorney

Our IRS Tax Attorneys and licensed tax professionals will work directly with you to resolve your IRS debt problems. But before seeking professional tax relief assistance, you may need to yourself ask a few questions. Do I need an IRS tax attorney? What does an IRS tax attorney do? What’s the difference between an IRS tax attorney and a licensed tax professional?

Your IRS tax relief solution may be simple and can be solved on your own. However, depending on the size and complexity of your IRS income tax debt, you may need assistance from a tax attorney or licensed tax professional. The best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. led by our IRS tax attorney will work with the IRS to resolve your income tax debt problem and offer you the lowest monthly payment allowable by the law. You can rest assured knowing that your IRS tax debt will be resolved with the help of Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

Don’t let your IRS tax debt cripple your finances any longer, take action and get your tax debt resolved now!