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IRS Settlement in Cordova, TN

Our great team of IRS Tax Relief experts has succeeded again. Our client, Gregory S. from Cordova, TN has been informed that IRS has accepted his Offer in Compromise settlement. Our IRS Tax Attorneys has put through his $5000 settlement on an IRS tax debt of $34,000.

Gregory now has the Fresh Start he has badly needed. Our team can and will assist anyone in the United States with their IRS tax problem. We offer low, affordable fees so you can get the IRS help you deserve and need.

Our Consultation # is: 1-800-578-3079

Will you be one of our success stories? We are here to provide you with real IRS Tax Relief.

IRS Tax Relief in US

We provide IRS Tax Relief throughout the USA.


Great News! 

IRS Tax Relief is a Tax Refund

IRS Tax Relief that results in getting a Tax Refund is always “Good News”.

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) has processed the amended tax return for our client Ann M. that we filed on 12/7/17.  They have authorized a refund of $6,035.63 on 1/12/2018 and the check should arrive within 25 business days.

We are very happy to have been able to assist Ann M. with her IRS balance of $19,746 and the FTB balance of $4,772 when you came to us.  Both balances are now gone!

It’s always great to not only let our client know we eliminated their IRS Tax Debt but, they should be expecting a TAX REFUND.


IRS Tax Relief – IRS Tax Debt Savings

Our great IRS tax relief team has done it again. Bill & Kathleen M. from Ventura, CA came to us with an IRS tax debt of $457,299.82. Well today, they only owe $1,221.31 because our tax relief team amended their 2013 federal tax return and “VOILA”!!!! That’s what our team does on a routine basis and why we consider ourselves “the best IRS tax relief team”.


Our team of IRS tax professionals routinely come to the aid of our clients. This is another great example of our work.








Tax Settlement Attorney – IRS Tax Relief

The Tax Settlement Attorneys, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., have assisted thousands of clients to resolve their tax debt problems with the IRS. This includes halting IRS collections just within 24 hours as well as settling your tax debts for much less than you actually owe. Are you facing tax problems? Are you being audited by the IRS? Our Tax settlement Attorneys can assist with understanding tax law and resolve tax levies, IRS garnishments, federal tax liens, back taxes, and tax relief.

The Tax Settlement Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. are best for handling complex tax issues. With years of successful hands-on experience in tax settlements, tax levies, IRS garnishments, Innocent Spouse and IRS hardships, our Tax Settlement Attorneys have handled 100s of personal tax debt problems and negotiated many a successful Offer in Compromises.

Tax Settlement Attorneys Can Resolve All Of Your IRS Tax Problems

Diminish the amount of tax debt you owe to the IRS. Halt IRS Levies, Federal Tax Liens, and IRS Garnishments. Avoid or Halt an IRS Wage Garnishments in one day. Avert Property Seizures. Stop Bank Levies. Our Tax settlement Attorneys Help You Resolve Tax Problems such as Return Filing Problems – Penalties and Interest – Enforced Tax Collection.

Taxpayers dealing with IRS tax debt problems are desperate to find solutions, and unethical tax relief companies take advantage of misinformed. Ignoring an IRS tax problem is a big mistake. Don’t make a mistake.

Probably just about everyone (including tax pros that should know the difference) get IRS settlement officers and IRS appeals officers confused. What’s the difference between an IRS settlement officer and an IRS appeals officer? A financially struggling taxpayer will settle with the IRS for that amount or that there is a 40% chance your IRS settlement offer will be accepted.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Represents IRS Tax Settlement Clients In All 50 States.

Free Advice on How to Settle IRS Tax Debt – 1-800-589-3078

The Tax Settlement Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. offers tax relief services to help you resolve your tax problem. Nearly everybody has gone through some kind of IRS enforcement difficulty and we all know somebody who is going through it now. But few have effective solutions. Too often, Unfortunately, precious few take the time to understand that an experienced Tax Settlement Attorney will have solutions to every IRS problem.

Don’t wait for your IRS tax debt to blow up in your face.

Halt IRS Levies, IRS Garnishments, Federal Tax Liens

The very last thing your family needs is to be hit with a Federal tax lien, an IRS levy or an IRS garnishment of any kind. With the IRS levy abuse continuing, you may not receive the needed tax relief without engaging experienced Tax Settlement Attorney. Don’t wait until the levy and seizure happen. Contact our team in advance to avoid the IRS levy or IRS garnishment. Be proactive and take control of your life. If you owe the IRS back taxes, you may have already experienced an IRS levy, IRS garnishment, seizure, or suffered from the filing of a federal tax lien. In that case, your immediate objective is to get tax relief from an IRS levy or wage garnishment. Now our expert Tax Settlement Attorneys can certainly prevent IRS levies, liens and garnishments just within 24 hours and surely can seek a great resolution for your tax debt.

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC. – Good People – Doing Great Work





IRS Wage Garnishment – “Wage Garnishment” Going Through a IRS Wage Garnishment and Need Advice?


An “IRS Wage Garnishment” is an IRS tax collection tactic to intercept your money to pay your tax debt before you get a chance to spend it on something else.

There are two things you can do about an IRS wage garnishment:

1.Stop it from happening before it starts by contacting the IRS to resolve your tax problem; or

2.If the deductions have already started, let the IRS Tax Attorneys, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., stop your IRS wage garnishment.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is the nation’s leading full-service tax relief firm. IRS debt relief | tax debt relief help from our IRS tax attorney. IRS tax relief companies can negotiate installment agreements. IRS tax debt relief problems can be helped with hardship status and Currently not Collectible if you have the right information. Stop an IRS Wage Garnishment in one day.


The problem with an IRS wage garnishment is that until your tax debt is paid in full, the IRS has the power to leave you with very little money after they seize the portion of your wages to pay back taxes. Your employer has no power to stop the IRS from taking your paycheck. The best way to stop an IRS wage garnishment, or the threat of one, is to have our IRS Tax Attorney contact the IRS to resolve the back tax problem that triggers this harsh debt collection tactic.

Typically, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can get an IRS wage garnishment stopped, or modified, within 24 hours once we are representing you.

It’s a good idea to look for a permanent solution to your back tax problem because once the IRS has the IRS wage garnishment seizing your paycheck, a related tactic is seizing your bank accounts in a bank levy. The best IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is here to help you.

If you call us, our team will explain to you the nature of your tax debt problem and the strategies you can use to resolve it permanently so it no longer threatens your economic life.

You may decide to ask us to resolve your problem for you; to deal with the IRS so you don’t have to – but that will be your decision to make after you clearly understand what we will do to help you, how we will do it and how much it will cost.

We Provide Nationwide IRS Tax Relief.

Whether or not you hire us, we will still give you a free consultation to frame your tax problem and suggest methods for resolving it permanently. Any and all conversations we have with you are confidential, whether or not we end up working together.

You have nothing to lose. Give our team a call and unload some of your worries.

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC. – Good People – Doing Great Work





IRS Levy – Stop an IRS Tax Levy Fast

Your Best Bet Is This: Avoid An IRS Levy To Begin With

The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can obtain a release of an IRS levy. Avoiding an IRS levy is a much better strategy. The IRS will negotiate with taxpayers – the key is to maintain the lines of communication. And if your tax problem is complex, you don’t have to and shouldn’t go it alone. The experienced IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is available to help you deal with the IRS.


When the IRS issues a Notice of Intent To Levy”, the IRS intends to levy and seize your assets. You have 30 days to challenge the tax levy to attempt tax resolution or pay the amount due.

If you cannot pay your tax debt in full before the IRS is scheduled to seize your assets, you may be able to remove the IRS levy anyway with proper tax resolution by setting up an installment plan with the IRS or by making other arrangements. But the best course of action is to work out a mutually agreeable solution with the IRS – and avoid the IRS levy altogether.

Stop An IRS Levy In One Day

Stop An IRS Levy – IRS Wage Garnishment In One Day

The Best Ways to Release a Tax Levy:

(a) Pay Your Tax Debt in Full
(b) Enter an Installment Agreement
(c) Demonstrate Undue Hardship
(d) File an Offer in Compromise (OIC)
(e) Negotiate a Release of the Levy
(F) Pay Your Debt in Full

An IRS Levy serves one purpose: to allow the IRS to collect the money that you owe for a tax debt. Therefore, if you can raise the cash to pay your debt in full, including penalties and interest, within a reasonable period (up to 120 days), the IRS will release its levy immediately. Such agreements can be negotiated by telephone, in person or by mail.

Enter an IRS Installment Agreement:

You may negotiate an IRS installment agreement by filing Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, available through the IRS.gov website. Negotiating an installment agreement will also release an IRS levy immediately.

The IRS charges a standard installment agreement user fee of $120 to establish an installment plan. Taxpayers who elect to pay installments through direct debit are charged an installment agreement user fee of $52.

Demonstrate Undue Hardship:

The IRS may also release an IRS levy if following through would deprive you of the means to provide for your basic necessities. You must generally provide financial information to the IRS in order to demonstrate undue hardship. You may provide such information to an IRS agent by telephone or in person or by filing an Offer in Compromise or in hard copy form mailed to the IRS.

If you lack the means to pay at all, you may be placed in Currently Not Collectible status. You may remain in Currently Not Collectible Status indefinitely, but you must undergo reevaluation of your financial circumstances every year. If you remain in Currently Not Collectible Status long enough (generally 10 years), the statute of limitations may run out and your tax obligation would be forgiven.

File an Offer in Compromise – IRS Settlement

You may also obtain a release of an IRS levy by filing an Offer in Compromise (OIC). Call our team today and find out if you qualify to settle with the IRS.

Negotiate a Release of the IRS Levy:


Yes, on your own, you may be able to negotiate directly with a field agent to have your IRS levy released. Telephone IRS agents generally do not have the authority to release levies, but field agents often do.

If you demonstrate to the IRS that you will be more likely to be able to pay the tax you owe or if you wish to sell real estate or some other valuable asset, but cannot do so while the IRS levy is in place, you may request a levy release. In such cases, the understanding is that you will apply all or part of the proceeds of the sale to pay your overdue tax debt.

Additional Tips to Release an IRS Levy:

File a Collection Due Process or Collection Appeal Request.

The Collection Due Process and the Collection Appeal Process allow you to appeal a tax levy, which releases the levy while your appeal is being considered. You may represent yourself or be represented by an attorney, a certified public accountant or individual who is enrolled to practice before the IRS. The Collection Appeal Process generally provides quicker decisions than the Collection Due Process, but you cannot dispute the results of the Collection Appeal Process in court.

Show that the Statute of Limitations Has Run Out.

The IRS only is only allowed to pursue taxpayers for their tax obligations for a limited period of time. If you can demonstrate that the statute of limitations had expired before the IRS filed its tax levy, you are off the hook. But calculating the statute of limitations accurately can be tricky, because of certain actions, such as spending extended periods outside the country, stop the clock on the statute of limitations. Determining whether the statute has run on your tax levy is a task definitely left to the experts.

Stop An IRS Wage Garnishment:

Can you afford to live on 50% of your paycheck? Of course, you can’t. Who could? When the IRS has failed to collect back taxes, the IRS will begin to seize assets. If phone calls and letters are not returned, they will take the next step. This process is called an “IRS levy”. The IRS is legally allowed to seize your bank accounts, demand payment from accounts receivable, take control of the property for auction, and assume title on vehicles. Virtually anything of value can be seized to satisfy the outstanding debt.

An IRS wage garnishment is the ultimate IRS levy because though the seizure of assets from your paycheck is an ongoing process. If the IRS levy on your wages is removed through tax resolution, the IRS wage garnishment will be stopped.

An IRS Levy (IRS wage garnishment) can be the most stressful and humiliating of all collection tactics. The IRS will do this to force taxpayers into forced compliance. Our team of IRS Tax Attorneys will be able to release your wages from garnishment and stop the IRS levy. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has been successful in getting an IRS Levy (IRS wage garnishment) lifted and stopped in one day.

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC. – Good People – Doing Great Work

Stop An IRS levy Today: 1-800-589-3078




Stop an IRS Wage Levy/Garnishment in 1 Day

Our team of IRS Income Tax Relief Specialists built our reputation by having an IRS Wage Levy (wage garnishment) stopped and released in 1 (one) day. Whether you have unfiled, missing income tax returns or not, call our team of tax relief experts. Keep your paycheck. Save yourself from economic hardship. Get right side up with the IRS. Once your IRS Levy has been stopped and released, let our team find out if your income tax debt can be settled. Don’t sit on your hands. Be pro-active. Give us a call today.

Addison, Alabama IRS Settlement

Congratulations to our client Rheagan W. from Addison, Alabama. Rheagan’s mom originally called us because Rheagan was embarassed and afraid to call us. Rheagan had been a truck driver who leased her truck. With the business downturn, Rheagan lost the truck and found herself with a $17,000 income tax debt. She needed 1 tax year filed. She also had a visit from the Revenue Officer assigned to case. Needless to say, she was in trouble. Our client, Rheagan, could only find work at a daycare center. Our team of professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. went to work. Today, our client has settled her $17,000 income tax debt for a total of $250. She received the Fresh Start that she desperately needed. Our team came through again.

This is what our client had to say:

“Praise God! I thank him everyday for leading me to call you that day and you will never know what a burden you have taken from our shoulders! Thank You is just not enough! You are making a difference in people’s lives and I am forever grateful.”

Happy, mature woman with a pretty smile giving a thumbs up

IRS Settlement in Glendale, California

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.’s team of IRS Tax Relief Specialists have done it again. We are announcing that our client Jimmy B., of the San Fernando Valley, California, has received an IRS Settlement. Jimmy’s Offer in Compromise settlement is $250 on $44,000 Income Tax Debt. Our team of income tax professionals stopped an IRS levy on his Social Security ($1527 per month) and got him a Fresh Start. Jimmy can live his senior days in peace and income tax debt free. GREAT NEWS

Murrieta California IRS Settlement – Our Team Does It Again

Our client Teri, from Murrieta, California just received word that IRS settlement has been accepted. Our expert IRS tax relief team put together an Offer in Compromise package that the IRS accepted. Teri settled her $24,000 income tax debt for a grand total of $400. That’s right! $400 which will be paid in 4 monthly installments of $100 per month. That’s what we call a “Fresh Start.” Congratulations to Teri and we thank her for having put her faith in us.