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New Mexico Disabled Vet Gets Huge IRS Settlement!

Our client, Tim W. of Alamogordo, New Mexico, has received the “Great News” that the IRS has accepted his settlement. Tim will pay the IRS a grand total of $500 on an income tax debt of $92,000. Tim called us at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. after the IRS began seizing 15% of his monthly $2800 Veteran’s Disability benefit. How was Tim supposed to provide for his wife and himself with the IRS levying his modest Disability pension? Tim, a disabled Veteran, gave his service to our country. It was time that we re-paid our debt to Tim.

Our Emergency IRS Levy Release Team had the IRS stop and release Tim’s levy. Our Team, led by experienced IRS Tax Attorneys, then started the process to settle Tim’s income debt through the Offer in Compromise program.

Today, our client, Tim from New Mexico, can rest easy. He has the Fresh Start he needed and deserved. Our “top notch” team of IRS income tax relief specialists have come through once again. Is it any wonder that Flat fee Tax Service, Inc. has been called “America’s Best and Most Affordable IRS Income Tax Relief Team.”