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IRS Settlement In Monroe, NC

Today, August 21st, 2018, our IRS tax relief team celebrates an Offer in Compromise success story. Our client, Lacey H., from Monroe, NC, has received word that his IRS settlement has been accepted.

Lacey called our IRS tax defense team on April 15th, 2017. He owed $65,000. Lacey had an Installment Agreement with the IRS. He had a 401K. we provided Lacey with his options during his free and confidential consultation.

Our IRS Tax Lawyers prepared his 2016 tax return to make Lacey compliant with IRS law. We then proceed with his Offer in Compromise. Today, our IRS tax relief team announces that Lacey settled his $65,000 tax debt for a grand total of $11,846.

Our IRS tax relief team provides tax defense to Americans throughout the United States.

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Elderly Couple Get IRS Settlement – Great Job by our Team

Today, our IRS Tax Relief Team congratulates Diane and Robert W. from Woodruff, SC on their IRS Settlement. Diane and Robert live on a combined $1162 in Social Security benefits. That isn’t much to get by on. The IRS was taking 15% of their Social Security under the Federal Payment Levy Program. We stopped the levy and saved their modest monthly benefit from IRS seizure. Our clients own a home with some equity. We saved their home from the IRS. Our team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. got our clients, Diane and Robert, an IRS settlement of $375 on $137,000 income tax debt. Our clients can now live out their lives free of IRS debt. Great Job by our Team. Way to Go!

Elderly 80 plus year old couple in an affectionate pose.

Elderly 80 plus year old couple in an affectionate pose.